Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is the top WR in this years draft?

Every time I bring this issue up with someone the question does not even get entertained. It is usually a nano second response of, “Of course its Larry Fitzgerald, who else would it be?”

Did Larry have the greatest postseason of any WR in NFL history? Undeniably. Did Larry also lead the league in TD’s last year. Undeniably, again.

But I always bring up a very interesting point. He was arguably not even the best WR last year. That award has to go to Andre Johnson.

Compare the stats and depending on which type of scoring format your league contains the best option could very well be to select Andre ahead of Mr. Fitz. Last year A.J had 115 catches for 1575 yards and 8tds vs Larry’s 96 catches for 1431 yards and 12 tds.

Andre Johnson is the main weapon on his team while Larry has to battle out 2 other 1000 yard WRs in Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. The point is Andre will have a solid game week in week out as he is done the past few years WHEN HEALTHY opposed to Fitzgerald who is never hurt and may have an off game or two due to the talent around him.

The real knock on A.J is that he does get hurt because he is such a physical Wide Receiver, that being said I believe if you want to take a gamble I feel there is more of a risk reward situation in taking Andre Johnson ahead of Larry Fitzgerald. Taking Andre Johnson, you may get a guy who can set the NFL record for catches and yards but you have to deal with the nagging injuries. If you take Larry you probably will not have to worry about injuries and will only have to worry about those games as I said before that Boldin and Breaston shine in. But if the pick is on me I’ll take Andre!

And just a reminder Randy is getting his buddy Tom back, fireworks could be set off again. Let the debate begin.

Eric Feld


  1. What about Jordy Nelson. Talk about under-utilized!!!