Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are The Canes Back?

All I’ve heard on Miami sports talk radio is how Miami is back and Jacory Harris is the next Sean John Elway, Tan Marino, Throw-Rida, Jake Delhomie, Bro Montana and even Black Jesus (they are actually saying this). He might be all of these things but are the Canes really back? EHH…… Kind of. Let’s wait two weeks.

First of all, they beat two ranked opponents but what does that actually mean. Are Georgia Tech and Florida State two powerhouses like everyone thought they were just because they were ranked? Look at the Canes who were unranked to start the season. They are ranked 9th now so does that mean they weren’t good at the start of the season and now they are. I’m not trying to take anything away from these two wins but let’s not get carried away either. The NCAA should do away with preseason rankings to begin with and rank teams after 5 games. That way preseason perceptions and bias will have minimal effect on how teams are ranked and perceived. Miami’s offense looked great in their win over FSU but you have to remember that they were a dropped pass and mismanaged goal to go situation away from having lost to FSU in the first game of the season. If they lose that game we aren’t even having this discussion.

After viewing the Georgia Tech/ Miami game first hand, as impressed as I was with Jacory Harris and the Canes, I was equally unimpressed by the lackluster performance of the Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech failed to pressure Black Jesus… I mean Jacory Harris and he was left with a perfect pocket and ample time to pick apart a subpar secondary. He had great touch and timing with his wide receivers but on most of his throws he had enormous spaces to throw into while being able to throw in rhythm. It must be noted that the 2009 Heisman winner… why do I keep slipping, I mean Jacory Harris has a great presence in the pocket so even though his offensive line played great, he makes them look even better. However, the one time he was pressured, I saw him make a bad throw across his body that could have easily been intercepted. I’m not saying he didn’t play great but let’s not jump to ridiculous conclusions like him being the Heisman front runner until he actually dismantles a formidable defense.

Also, while the defense did look great against Georgia Tech, they only had to focus on stopping one play. Yes, the triple option is ridiculous offense to plan for and defend but let’s not get carried away about the defenses ability to stop a one dimensional offense that they had over a week to prepare for. Just a little over a week earlier, everyone was doubting Miami’s secondary and their lackluster performance against FSU. Now everyone is talking championship.

In the end though, Jacory is the reason that Miami fans are excited and the Canes are this close to being back. As good as he has been, I’m pretty sure that Tim Tebow doesn’t wear Jacory Harris pajamas when he goes to sleep just yet. And as good as Jacory has been through two games any comparisons between him and Tebow are as premature as talking about the Cane’s title hopes before they beat Virginia Tech and Oklahoma these next two weeks. But after the Canes dominate these next two weeks then let the Tebow/ Jacory Harris, Florida/ Miami debate begin, Cane’s fans. I can’t wait.

Brian Blum

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