Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 Fantasy Rankings Part 2: Running Backs

Here’s part two of our three part fantasy rankings. Today is tiered rankings for Running Backs. Tomorrow, will be Wide Receivers and Tight Ends rankings to gear you up for Sunday. It should be noted that these rankings are based on matchups this week and not overall player value.

Barry Sanders Division (Sorry Emmitt but Barry is best in my book. These are the guys that you can’t wait to watch on Sunday and you can’t wait to have starting in your fantasy lineup).

1. Adrian Peterson vs. San Francisco- What can you say about this guy, I just love watching him play.

2. Chris Johnson @ NYJ- Some people are down on him because of the matchup but I just don’t see it. The Jets are way better than Houston but they have yet to be tested by an elite runner this year either and there is probably one guy more exciting than this guy.

3. Maurice Jones-Drew @ Houston- After what Chris Johnson did to them last Sunday, I can’t really see him lower than this.

Tiki Barber (after he got rid of the fumble problem) Division (these guys will put up good weeks and you’ll be happy to have them).

4. Matt Forte @ Seatle- Like the matchup, Frank Gore had over 200 yards in the first half coming off a 30 yard rushing performance. This should be a great opportunity for Forte to bounce back.

5. Clinton Portis @ Detroit- I like the matchup a little but more than I like Portis but expect good things against Detroit.

6. DeAngelo Williams @ Dallas- This could be a big day for him as long as Jake doesn’t Delhomme all over this game.

7. Michael Turner @ NE- Fred Jackson did well week one against the Pats mainly on screen passes which Turner will not get too many of. I still see a pretty decent game out of him though.

8. Ryan Grant @ St. Louis- He is healthy and running hard so far. Plus, you have to love this soft matchup.

9. Brandon Jacobs @ Tampa Bay- Expect him to finally get on the board this week in against a defense hasn’t been the same since it said good bye to Monte.

10. Fred Jackson vs. NO- This might be a one sided affair but he still get’s used tremendously in the passing game. He is the all purpose back for one more week, enjoy it while you can and try to sell high.

11. Steve Slaton vs. Jacksonville- The passing game is too good to not open things up for him at some point. At the very least he should get some carries in mop up time because I see Houston winning big here.

12. Frank Gore @ Min- Was huge last week but now he has a much tougher matchup and is a tad on the gimpy side.

Steven Jackson Allstars Division (Guys who I would rank higher but their teams aren’t very good and there is a high likelihood they won’t score).

13. Ronnie Brown @ San Diego- I have him highest out of this group because of the way he played last week and my mild optimism that he finds the endzone. Watch out for Ricky though, he’ll once again take away a lot of carries.

14. Kevin Smith vs. Washington- Not an easy matchup but he should get his touches and his chances here.

15. Steven Jackson vs. Green Bay- He might run hard and he might run well here but his chances of scoring this week are about the same as my chances of scoring with a semi hot girl (So I guess you could say his chances are pretty bad but it could happen).

Priest Holmes Division (These guys are backups or number two guys on their team that may have the opportunity to step up this week).

16. Felix Jones vs. Car- Marion Barber might play this week but even if he does I like Felix a lot here.
17. Willis McGahee vs. Cle- Has been getting more work and more touchdowns than were expected. Cleveland has been shaky thus far against the run.
18. Darren Sproles vs. Mia- Looks like LT isn’t playing so Sproles should get a lot of touches. I think Miami will shut the running game down but Sproles could get lose on a screen or two.

Brian Westbrook Division (On the injury report every week and you have no idea what you are going to get from him).

19. Brian Westbrook vs. KC- See above about being on the injury report every week.

Deuce McAllister Division (These are the guys that are probably your number two running back that you have to start but aren’t too happy starting).

20. Tim Hightower vs. Ind- Gotta love this matchup, too bad the Cardinals are a throw first offense.
21. Darren McFadden vs. Den- I’m Ron Burgendy?? Is what I think when I see Denver’s defense. Everything I know tells me they are terrible but they have been good against the run through two games.
22. Ray Rice vs. Cle- He should get his yards but probably the endzone might get cockblocked from him by Willis McGahee.
23. Thomas Jones vs. Ten- Iffy matchup and Leon Washington should continue to take carries away.
24. Cadillac Williams vs. NYG- I guess
25. Pierre Thomas @ Buf- He should be an honorary member of the Brian Westbrook division this week… check his status.
26. Willie Parker @ Cin- Can fast Willie bounce back, I am not too confident.
27. Cedric Benson vs. Pit- He should get all the carries so I guess he has that going for him and maybe he’ll get to caddy for the Dolly Lama some day.

Chester “Insert Your favorite Timeshare’s name here” Taylor Division (These are guys that are either stuck in time shares or handcuffs so they are borderline starts or flex plays at best).

28. Reggie Bush @ Buf- Haven’t really been keeping up with the Kardashians so I don’t have any good jokes.
29. Leon Washington vs Ten- Could be the Jets best offensive player but does he get enough touches against their good run defense.
30. Cadillac Williams vs. NYG- Insert joke about him being a car not as nice as a Cadillac here.
31. Ahmad Bradshaw @ TB- Definite upside but not really a safe play yet.
32. Donald Brown @ Ari- See Ahmad Bradshaw.
33. Knowshon Moreno@ Oak- See Donald Brown
34. Jonathan Stewart @ Dal- Can the Daily Show avoid getting Delhommed.

Samkon Gado Division (This is like fat girl at 2 am desperate, just go him and call it a night).
35. Larry Johnson @ Phi
36. Joseph Addai @ Ari
37. LeSean McCoy vs. KC- Keep up with Westbrook’s status.
38. Tashard Choice vs. Car- Sneaky play if Barber is out which he should be.
39. Derrick Ward vs. NYG
40. Correll Buckhalter @ Oak
41. Michael Bush vs. Den
42. Jamal Lewis @ Bal
43. Chris Wells vs. Ind
44. Ricky Williams @ SD

45. LenWhale White @ NYJ … sorry I meant LenDale, he just went on the tequila diet.

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