Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 3 Fantasy Rankings Part 1: Quarterbacks

Here’s part one of our three part fantasy rankings. Today is tiered rankings for Quarterbacks. Tomorrow, will be Running Backs. And Finally on Saturday we will release our Wide Receiver rankings to gear you up for Sunday. It should be noted that these rankings are based on matchups this week and not overall player value.

Dan Marino Division (These are the guys that you don’t even think of benching no matter what matchup but we’ll rank them for you anyway).

1. Drew Brees @Buffalo- he’s number one no matter what and Buffalo is a pretty tasty matchup. He should eat it right up.

2. Kurt Warner vs. Indianapolis- Chad Pennington was able to rip this defense to shreds with Ted Ginn as his go to guy. Warner should do just fine with Fitzgerald and Boldin.

3. Aaron Rodgers @St. Louis- Bounce back game for Rodgers… and yea, the Rams aren’t very good.

4. Peyton Manning @ Arizona- This one should be a shootout. Hopefully, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and the other guys will be enough like they were on Monday.

5. Philip Rivers vs. Miami- After over 400 yards against Baltimore, he should fair well against Miami’s porous secondary.

6. Tom Brady vs. Atlanta- He should rebound from a subpar week.

7. Tom Romo vs Carolina- Carolina has given up big games to McNabb and Matt Ryan so far. I just really like Romo this week. No Homo.

Vinny Testevedre Division (these guys will get the job done for your team, they just might throw that interception when you least expect it).

8. Eli Manning @ Tampa Bay- Tampa’s secondary isn’t very good. Eli has a big day and is a borderline Marino this week.

9. Matt Schaub vs. Jacksonville- I just think people are a little too high on him right now. Week one he is garbage, Week two, he is a stud, expect something in between.

10. Joe Flacco vs. Cleveland- Joe the Quarterback has a pretty good matchup here. Expect big things.

11. Matt Ryan @ NE- Matt’s first trip to face a Bill Bellicheck run defense in New England. He should do ok but temper expectations just a bit.

Trent Dilfer Division (These are guys that probably won’t win you the week but they won’t lose it for you either… good game managers).

12. Trent Edwards vs. NO- This one should be a shootout. Expect Edwards to air it our a lot.

13. Jason Campbell @ Detroit- This might be too tasty of a matchup to pass up on but you could have said the same thing about St. Louis last week and he left without a score.

14. Jay Cutler @ Sea- Everyone loves to hate him, I would hate to have to start him.

15. Ben Roesthlisberger @ Cin- Don’t love this matchup.Cincinnati isn’t the cupcake they were two years ago and Big Ben isn’t getting the time he needs from his line.

16. David Garrard @ Houston- If you’re in a 16 team league, this will be the worst starting quarterback this week.

Jake Delhomme Division (these guys may look ok, throw ok, even be ok, but when it comes down to it all your really getting is poop).

17. Carson Palmer vs. Pit – If you have other options, this defense is too good.
18. Brett Favre vs. SF- Just retire already.
19. Byron Leftwhich vs. NYG- Potential sneaky play because Tampa is so bad that they will throw a lot. If you have to start, do yourself a favor and don’t watch him.
20. Jake Delhomme @ Dal- He had to round out his own division. He is due for his smelliest poop game of the year.

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