Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baseball Picks For 9/15/09

Here are some picks for tonight’s games from SMJ’s Baseball Guru. Enjoy!

Phillies over Nationals Cliff lee struggled lately but you can’t ignore the Philly offense. Plus you never know when he could pitch a gem. Also, it’s the Nats, always a good idea to put your money on the other team.

Blue Jays over Yankees Two words – Roy Halladay. Yanks stink against him. No reason to think that will change. Let it ride on the Blue Jays.

Upset Special of the Night

Orioles over Rays

Yes they lost last night, but the Orioles just went through a brutal stretch of Texas, Boston and NY going .500 (4-4). The rays have struggled lately and that will continue tonight. Yes the Orioles stink, but so do the Rays. Stick with Baltimore tonight.

Let us know what you think!

- SMJ Baseball Guru

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